First Day!

Mr. Boyd navigating the digital classroom.

It was so good too see everyone today (or at least your names)! We are super excited to start the year, even though it’s not like any other year we’ve ever experienced. Everyone should be planning to begin playing either at school or at home on the first day of Face-to-Face learning, which is August 21. In the meantime, we will be meeting live every day through Canvas and Microsoft Teams. Be sure to complete the attendance form for each class everyday at the beginning of class.

We are currently working out assigning school instruments to everyone that needs one so that no one is sharing an instrument, and assigning lockers to each individual band member so that no one is sharing a locker. Please be sure to register for the band by filling out the 2020-21 Band Registration Form. This helps us know how to plan instruments and locker space.

~Mr. Krahn

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