Tuesday Nights!

On Tuesday, September 8, 15, and 22, from 6-9pm, we will all be meeting together on the stadium field as a full band! We will do some very basic marching fundamentals or guard basics in small groups, work on section music selections, and work towards putting together a video of the band playing stands tunesContinue reading “Tuesday Nights!”

School Instruments Update

Thank you to those of you who brought in your instruments. If you haven’t yet, you do not need to bring them in. They are no longer needed for the inventory audit.

First Day!

It was so good too see everyone today (or at least your names)! We are super excited to start the year, even though it’s not like any other year we’ve ever experienced. Everyone should be planning to begin playing either at school or at home on the first day of Face-to-Face learning, which is AugustContinue reading “First Day!”


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